It will take you barely 40 minutes to reach this 48m high bridge which is a must in the region. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it will surprise you with its size and beauty. After a little selfie on the Pont du Gard, you can take a stroll on the Mémoires de Garrigue route or in the museum which traces the history of the construction of the bridge. And best of all, in summer you can enjoy this superb landscape with your feet in the water while your children have fun in the play area specially designed for them. The site is free for children under 18 and the adult price is € 9.50. Do not hesitate to buy your tickets online for a price of 8 €.

Pont du Gard

Discover the Arena of Nîmes which is an hour's drive away. Located in the city center, this building dating from the 1st century will surprise you with its almost intact conservation. The audio guide, your smartphone or even a guide will allow you to best discover this mythical place of Nîmes. Your children will enjoy a free game booklet to learn while having fun. Visit the arenas of Nîmes for a price of € 10 for adults and € 5 for children aged 7 to 17. Your little wonders under the age of 7 will be able to enjoy this visit for free.

Arena of Nîmes

This particularly charming abbey, 50 minutes from the farmhouse, becomes a must-see when its lavender field is in bloom. From mid-June to the end of July, you can then enjoy the beauty of this typical place of the region. Do not panic, the abbey retains all its charm even if the lavender has already been harvested, because it is above all a very beautiful religious building where you can relax in peace. So don't hesitate to go there no matter the time of year. The guided tour costs € 8 for adults and € 3.50 for children aged 6 to 17. For large families, you will be happy to learn that the visit is free from the 3rd child.

Sénanque Abbey

It is 25 minutes from the Mas des écoliers that you can live a unique experience within the Carrières de Lumières. You will see an immersive digital exhibition there: works by great painters accompanied by a soundtrack are projected on the limestone walls as well as on the ground which makes the exhibition incredible. Each year the theme changes: in 2021, the works of Paul Cézanne and Vassily Kandinsky is honored. Do not hesitate to visit these quarries in both hot and rainy weather, as the place is sheltered and the temperature varies between 13 and 15 degrees throughout the year. However, plan to wear a vest to cover you. You can check the rates in the link below. The entrance ticket is € 14 for the full price is € 11.5 for people between 7 and 25 years old. Your little ones under 7 will have the privilege of visiting this great place for free.

Carrières de Lumières

55 minutes from the farmhouse, large, colorful works will amaze young and old alike. You can also take advantage of this outing to visit the city of Aix-en-Provence. The price of an entrance ticket is € 15 for adults and € 5 for children aged 5 to 15. Children under 5 can take the tour free of charge.

Vasarely Museum

In the heart of Avignon city center, 20 minutes from the farmhouse, visit the Palais des Papes in augmented reality which will allow your children to have fun while learning, while participating in a treasure hunt. You can take the opportunity to stroll in the Garden of the Rocher des Dômes, just next to the Palais des Papes, which offers a magnificent view of the Rhône and the Avignon Bridge. This garden is accessible to all and access is free. The price for the augmented reality visit is € 12 and € 10 for children aged 8 to 17. Children under the age of 8 will be able to enjoy this tour for free.

Palace of the Popes

If you go to Arles, which is 30 minutes from the Mas des Écoliers, you can spend the day there, because this city is full of treasures! You can start by discovering the Arenas known for their shows, their bullfights or their gladiatorial fights. You can then visit the Cloister and the Saint-Trophime church and their magnificent Romanesque architecture and finish with the Alyscamps, a large Roman cemetery. You will understand, you will not get bored in this city filled with art and history classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Please feel free to click on the link below to see all there is to do in Arles.