Ready for a great day out with the family? So on the way! It is less than 30 minutes from the house that you can enjoy the 21 attractions in the Spirou Park. Roller coasters, video simulators or sensational attractions, there is something for everyone.

Spirou Park

Your children will love to walk in this huge animal park 50 minutes from the farmhouse to admire more than 100 species of animals. Your ride will look like a wilderness safari. We advise you to go there in the morning, a whole day in this zoo will not be too much. Do not hesitate to go to one of the most beautiful zoos in France: you will be amazed by all the animals you will meet.

Barben Zoo

Located less than 30 minutes away, this park will delight young and old alike. There are 19 water attractions on offer and for those who don't want to get wet there are also games that don't require you to put on your swimsuit. You can eat on site and of course bask in the sun while your children have fun in the park.

Wave Island

It is about 30 minutes from the Mas des Scoliers that you can visit this farm which has more than 300 animals. Your children will be able to feed the animals and touch some of them. The visit is done independently, so you can take the time to observe each animal. Goat, sheep, guinea pig, chicken and even lama, there is something for everyone. In addition to the large number of animals present in the farm, you will have the opportunity to see little known species that you have surely never seen. We advise you to visit this farm, it is approved by our children.

Galliniere Farm